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Testing Outside Of Your Home Club

In order for a skater to participate in a U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned event at a club other than his/her home club, the following form must be 1) completed by the skater, 2) returned to the Tampa Bay Skating Club for an officer of the skater’s home club to sign, and 3) the signing officer will return to the skater for submission along with the the test registration(see NOTE).

Please click on the icon to access the required USFS Permission Form

NOTE: In order to process in a timely manner, we request that the permission form be completed prior to registering for the event. That way, a fully signed permission form can be submitted along with the test registration.

It is highly recommended that, at a minimum, anyone testing outside of your home rink have a completed permission form and the test registration completed one week prior to the test date.

This form can also be used for USFS Shows, exhibitions, ice shows and competitions.


Resources for Skaters

Provided below is a selection of resources available for aspiring figure skaters ready to take the next step in their skating journey.

Resources for Parents

As the parent or guardian of an aspiring figure skater, you play a major role in shaping a skater’s career. Below are some resources to help you support your skater in their skating journey.